Victorian Village Alliston

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Victorian Village - Alliston - Executive Stone & Brick Townhome Designs

In addition to our Exquisite 32’ and 40’ Collection, we are proud to have available for sale our Executive 25’ Wide 2160+ BRICK and STONE Town Homes. Pricing coming soon.

Previn Court Homes is proud to release the Final Block of Executive Town Homes – BLOCK 68! Our Stunning Brick and Stone Town Homes speak for themselves! Choose one of these last 8 Luxury Town Homes with a Closing Date of Summer/Fall 2015. A must to see and buy!

Executive Town Home Designs

Block 63: Gorgeous GreyTone on Tone Brick and Stone, construction underway.

Block 64: Beautifully completed, next will be landscaping and paved driveways.

Block 65: Landscaping and paved driveways soon!

Block 66: Almost complete! Next, landscaping and paved driveways.